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The Rockin’ Rebels
Origin : Huntington Beach Ca
Genres: Rockabilly
Years Active :1980-1985 1986-1989 1994-1996 1998- 2000 2004- 2006
Labels :Rhino Records ,Dice Records and M&M Records Japan
Active Members .Ed Hill ,Mark Liddell Jerry Prefontaine & Andy McClure
Bio:The Rockin’ Rebels are dedicated to playing traditional American music styles such as 40's Jump Swing, 50's Rockabilly and West Coast Blues.  Emerging from the punk scene in Southern California during the 80’s the Rebels opened shows for Agent Orange, Bad Religion and X. As the band progressed, a more definitive American Rockabilly sound began to evolve.  The Rebels style of Rockabilly was unlike any other band in Los Angeles at the time.  Hollywood nightclubs like The Whiskey, The Roxy and The Palace began booking the Rebels as an opening act for The Blasters, Los Lobos and Dwight Yoakam.  It wasn’t long before The Rockin' Rebels were headlining the same clubs with sold out shows of their own.  In 1983 Music Connection Magazine rated the Rockin’ Rebels one of Los Angeles’ top drawing acts. The lure of the Southern California Rockabilly movement was so large  even Newsweek Magazine showed up to write about a Rockin' Rebels show.  The Rebels second LP was released on the Dice Records label and included the song “Lets Bop” which made it into KROQ's Top 10 and was the title song on the Rhino Records "L.A.  Rockabilly” LP. In addition, The "Lets Bop" video also received air play on MTV. The Rockin’ Rebels have been together over 30 years and released seven LPs. Their music has been recorded by countless Rockabilly bands all over the world.  The Rebels new CD on Rip Cat Records is set to be released the summer of 2016.  Their Hi Octane stage show is one not to be missed, from their stand up drummer, to guitar players doing solos standing on top of the dog house bass. The Rockin’ Rebels show is guaranteed to get your heart pumping!!!